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Application Range of 21700 Lithium Battery Pack | IMREN Battery

21700 lithium battery pack is a ternary lithium battery prepared with nickel cobalt manganese ternary lithium ion battery as the positive electrode, lithium cobaltate, lithium iron phosphate and other positive materials as the negative electrode, nickel as the main nickel, and electrolyte added. It has the characteristics of long cycle life (1 kWh), safety and stability (BMS), many charge-discharge cycles and small volume. When used, it will not generate a lot of heat like the ordinary three-element battery, and it can be used for a long time in a safe and sanitary environment to prolong the battery life. It is applied to the fields of motorcycle battery power supply, automobile battery energy storage system, etc.

1. It is used for motorcycle battery power supply.

It is used for motorcycle battery power supply, mainly for various batteries, such as portable batteries, power batteries, miniature batteries, small lithium batteries, intelligent batteries, etc. The portable battery is small in size, light in weight, fast in charge and discharge, and can supply power to multiple single batteries through direct series and parallel connection. For electric vehicles that need centralized management and charging, small lithium battery packs can be installed on the positive and negative boxes of power type batteries, and provide constant battery power for electric vehicles by directly connecting the charging device.

2. Vehicle battery energy storage system.

It mainly refers to the energy storage room used to store electric energy into the on-board battery. On-board battery has the advantages of small size, light weight, large capacity, safety and reliability, especially for minicar batteries. This kind of battery can directly store electric energy in the on-board battery, and can convert electric energy into mechanical energy (such as driving the generator to start the vehicle) or provide electric energy to the vehicle when the vehicle needs it. The system mainly includes on-board battery, intelligent temperature control system and fault alarm system, which can be generally divided into two parts: energy storage unit and inverter unit. The intelligent temperature control system consists of temperature sensing element and heating element; The fault alarm system includes early warning, diagnostic control device and alarm information display.

3. Lithium batteries for energy storage, such as supercapacitors and lead-acid batteries, can be used to provide DC charging and discharging support for batteries.

Due to the lithium battery used for energy storage, its safety, stability and cycle life are far higher than those of ordinary lithium batteries. Now it is also widely used in energy storage products such as electric vehicle batteries and wind power generation batteries. Now it is also widely used in household energy storage systems and so on.

4. Lithium battery for energy storage can be used to provide DC power supply and standby power supply for large-capacity batteries such as automobiles, ships, aircraft and driverless vehicles.

Lithium ion batteries have the characteristics of small size, high energy density and long cycle life. In the power system, it can provide power for the power grid, regulate or control the characteristic parameters such as voltage and frequency to realize the dispatching of power, and can also be used to automatically adjust the voltage or power of the power grid. Lithium battery can not only provide DC power supply and standby power supply for large-capacity battery, but also be used together with energy storage device, which can be used as auxiliary power supply for energy storage system. For example, lithium battery is also used as auxiliary power supply in the mobile energy storage system (mobile charging pile) which is being vigorously promoted in some regions of China. In addition, lithium batteries are also widely used as power batteries in some new energy vehicles.

5. Other applications, including batteries for household lighting (DFB, AC, DC).

With the increasing demand for energy conservation and emission reduction, the market scale of household lighting is gradually expanding, and the demand for batteries for household lighting will continue to grow. The 21700 battery can realize the high integration, modularization and integration of the battery for household lighting. The 21700 battery has no pollution to the environment, no smell, no pollution, good product safety, and will not generate a lot of heat during use. Long service life.

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