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How to throw away 18650 batteries?

How to throw away 18650 batteries?

First, study battery standardization and implement a traceability system. Strengthen the research on the structure design, connection mode, process technology, integrated installation, and other standardization of power lithium-ion batteries, formulate the mandatory coding standard of the powerful lithium-ion battery as soon as possible, and link the traceability system with the product notification management of new energy vehicles, ensure the full life cycle information record of battery, and improve the convenience and accuracy of detection and evaluation.

Second, increase the research and development of key technologies for battery recycling. We will intensify research on key technologies such as disassembly, reorganization, testing, and life prediction of waste lithium-ion batteries, to improve their technical maturity and the safety of the production process. At the same time, improve the automation level and recovery efficiency of battery disassembly, reassembly, and recovery technology, so that the recovery and reuse of power lithium-ion batteries have economic feasibility and safety.

Third, formulate and implement reward and punishment measures for power lithium battery recycling. Formulate incentive implementation rules for the recycling and reuse of power lithium-ion batteries and establish a reward and punishment mechanism. For example, punish companies that fail to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations by the recycling policy, subsidize battery recycling companies and battery recycling companies according to the number and capacity of batteries, and implement tax incentives to ensure the economy of recycling companies; The system of deposit and reward can be adopted for consumers to cultivate consumers' awareness of power lithium battery recycling.

Fourth, encourage business model innovation pilot, promotion, and application. Actively innovate the business model, and copy the circular economy development model with promotion value after accumulating relevant experience. Implement the construction of a powerful lithium-ion battery recycling system, and use the subsidy mechanism and preferential policies to improve the enthusiasm of companies and consumers, but prevent some speculative companies from following the trend to subsidize the industry, to form a fair and benign competition mechanism, which is conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

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