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Proper use of lithium batteries

Proper use of lithium batteries

1. The use environmental conditions of lithium-ion batteries

A clean, dry and ventilated environment is desired with a temperature of 0~40°C and a relative humidity of no more than 75%. Avoid contact with corrosive substances, and keep away from fire and heat sources.

2. Safety precautions on charging

The product is strictly forbidden to be charged from the discharge terminal, and must be charged from the charging socket with the matching special charger. When the charging indicator bar on the charger stops rolling, please remove the charging plug in time to avoid overcharging the battery.

3. Safety precautions on discharging

The product has an overcurrent protection function. When the current of the electrical equipment exceeds the maximum output current of the product, the overcurrent protection circuit will act and the electrical equipment will appear to be unable to work normally.

4. Precautions for daily use

The output of the discharge terminal is not controlled by the switch on the panel, only when the battery voltage is lower than 9.0V, the discharge terminal will turn off the output. The switch on the panel controls the display screen and the output of the USB socket. When the switch is turned on and the battery voltage is less than 9.1V, the display screen will flash at a frequency of on for one second and off for one second to remind you to charge in time. When the lithium-ion battery voltage is less than 9.1V; At 9.0V, the display goes off and the USB socket turns off the output. The purpose is to protect the lithium-ion battery from over-discharging. This is the process when the microprocessor on the control board goes to sleep. You need to manually turn off the switch. The microprocessor can only be woken up when the switch is turned on and the battery voltage greater than 9.1V, thus the display screen can display the battery voltage value, and the USB can have 5V output. Although this product has output short-circuit protection function, the + and - po

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