What Is The Purpose of 18650 Lithium Battery? | IMREN Battery

What Is The Purpose of 18650 Lithium Battery? | IMREN Battery

1. The theoretical life of 18650 lithium battery is more than 500 cycles of charging. It is often used in high-light flashlights, headlights, mobile medical equipment, etc.

2. It can also be combined. There is also the difference between the plate with and without the plate. The main thing is the protection of the plate with over-discharge, over-discharge and over-current value to prevent the battery from being scrapped due to outdated charging or too clean electricity.

3. 18650 is now mostly used in notebook batteries, and some bright flashlights are also used. Of course, 18650 has excellent performance, so as long as the capacity and voltage are appropriate, it is much better than other materials of batteries, and it is also a kind of lithium battery with high cost performance.

4. Flashlight, MP3, interphone, mobile phone. As long as the voltage is 3.5-5V, the electric appliance can be different from the No. 5 battery. 18650 means that the diameter is 18 mm and the length is 65 mm, while the No. 5 battery is 14500, the diameter is 14 mm and the length is 50 mm.

5. Generally, 18650 batteries are used more in industry, and are gradually introduced into civilian families. They will even be distributed to rice cookers, induction cookers, etc. as backup power supply in the future. They are often used more in notebook batteries and high-end flashlights.

6. 18650 is only the size and model of battery. According to the type of battery, it can be divided into 18650 of lithium ion, 18650 of lithium iron phosphate, and 18650 of nickel hydrogen (rare). At present, the common 18650 is more than that of lithium ion, which is widely used in various industries. The 18650 lithium-ion battery is more perfect and stable in the world, and its market share is also the leading technology of other lithium-ion products.

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