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Points to be paid attention to when purchasing lithium batteries.

Points to be paid attention to when purchasing lithium batteries.

Points to be paid attention to when purchasing lithium batteries.

Buying a poor-quality lithium-ion battery pack is like putting a ticking time bomb around you. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the following points when purchasing lithium-ion batteries:

1. Whether the capacity is marked. Lithium-ion batteries that do not have a marked capacity, such as 2200mAh or 4400mAh, are likely to be spent batteries that have been worn out or recycled batteries assembled from scratch.

2. When customers buy lithium-ion battery packs, they should choose products from regular lithium-ion battery manufacturers. The specifications of lithium-ion batteries should be consistent with those of mobile phones. It is best to buy original batteries.

3. Whether the standby time is guaranteed. Standby time refers to the continuous use time from when the lithium-ion battery is loaded into the phone until the next charge.

4. Whether there is a safety maintenance circuit. The characteristics of the lithium-ion battery solve the problem that the lithium-ion battery must be added to the maintenance board. In order to prevent the occurrence of overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit of the lithium-ion battery, the lithium-ion battery will deform and leak without the maintenance board. , an explosion hazard.

5. Look at the appearance, craftsmanship, size, and technology of lithium-ion battery pack energy storage power. Look at the seams of the shells, see if the width of the seam is not wide and whether there are burrs, and oil stains. The hand feels good and the hand feels bad. The advanced technology is very comfortable. After polishing, the rubber oil polishing material has a good hand. The upper insulation function is very strong.

6. Choose the manufacturer, choose the brand. There are many domestic lithium-ion battery energy storage power brands, and it is difficult to see the appearance quality. In this case, we have to do more homework before choosing, more information about the manufacturer on the internet. In general, professional manufacturers are more reliable than small workshops; companies with long-term relevant experience are more trustworthy than those new to the field.

7. Product parameters. The energy storage power of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack is the most important parameter inside the battery, and it is the best choice for the lithium iron phosphate battery as a battery power source.

1. Look at the battery, the most used lithium-ion batteries are soft pack batteries and 18650 batteries, first check whether the batteries are brand new, because there are bad examples of small workshops using second-hand batteries to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. A pouch lithium-ion battery, also known as a polymer battery, is a battery with a bendable, gel-like electrolyte that can be made into a variety of shapes. The battery is safe and will not explode. In 18650, liquid electrolyte, large capacity, possible explosion, low safety factor.

2. Weight
The weight of a lithium-ion battery is proportional to its capacity. If it is a polymer lithium-ion battery, if the weight difference is too large, the capacity will inevitably be insufficient. But the size of some battery capacities is different, so this is also credited to say, so find some relatively high lithium-ion battery manufacturers promise good battery operation, to reduce costs, many people use batteries of poor quality and maintenance, empty standard capacity, so you must be careful when purchasing to prevent being cheated.

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