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The huge challenges and opportunities for lithium battery separators.

The huge challenges and opportunities for lithium battery separators

Our increasingly estranged industrial high-end shopping malls are still monopolized by foreign countries.

It was estimated that the actual shipment of lithium-ion battery barriers in my country reached 265 million square meters, while the official statistics were 180 million. square meters. Up to now, the new production is expected to be nearly 800 million square meters, and more than 30 companies have put into production or planned to put into production, far exceeding the total global demand. Gu Chuanming analyzed that most of the production capacity and the production capacity released by practice has considerable income and expenditure, that is to say, the domestic practice separation rate of return is very low. Among the companies that have formed production capacity, more than one-third of the production capacity process is a dry double-pull process, which occupies a large share in my country's low-end market.

In his analysis of my country's gap mall, Gu Chuanming said that due to the high skill content of the gap, and the primary skills in the hands of a few companies, there is still a certain gap between domestic product quality and foreign companies. Now, he believes that due to the financial pressure of various lithium-ion battery companies, and the progress of the domestic quality gap, almost all lithium-ion battery companies are trying to import the domestic gap, but some very high-quality standard batteries and the interests of related companies are The most central and most still import barriers, the most high-end alienation giants monopolize my country's foreign trade barriers.

According to reports, my country's current import gap is 120 million square meters, and the share has dropped from 75% a few years ago to about 50%, but the gap is much higher than the value gap of imports. In my country, the size gap in my country is about 800 million yuan. Mainly concentrated in the low-end market.

There are five huge gaps between Chinese companies and foreign giants

Gu Chuanming believes that these distances are first manifested in the company's strength. Celgard America, Japan's Asahi Chemical, and Dongguan large companies have assets of tens of billions of dollars. Together, these companies are industrially diversified companies with sufficient financial support for research and development. At this point, On the other hand, the gap between companies in our country is very large. Next is the raw material. The gaps in the production of general commercial lithium-ion batteries are all produced with PP resin or PE resin. However, the choice of materials with different molecular weights has a large impact on the final properties of the barrier. Only Asahi, Celgard, and Toray have independent polymer laboratories with their own materials. , The process of understanding, many foreign barriers to skilled personnel from battery companies, so there is a gap in the demand for understanding cells, many obstacles in our country and almost no background of battery companies, now put domestic companies in three categories, the first is plastic processing companies, Especially for stretch films, the second category is other occupations, and the third category is VC-based islands.

Then there's equipment. According to Gu Chuanming, we lack a deep understanding of the process to guide the process of equipment, cannot make good equipment, and foreign companies have closed equipment to the origin of the United States, domestic companies have poor equipment processing capabilities, and are reluctant to invest in equipment, which constitutes a relationship between us. distance and foreign companies.

The last point is the method. Gu Chuanming For the author, alienation of battery safety is very important. In this industry, trust is very important. It usually takes 2-3 years for battery companies to replace alienated suppliers. The brand and reputation accumulated by world-renowned companies in the market over the years are not available to Chinese companies in a short period of time.

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