Why Don't 18650 Batteries Use Empty Shell Cells Instead Of Batteries Filled With Sand? | IMREN Battery

Why Don't 18650 Batteries Use Empty Shell Cells Instead Of Batteries Filled With Sand? | IMREN Battery

1. Meaning

The 18650 lithium battery is actually a lithium battery, but 18 in 18650 represents diameter, 65 represents length, and 0 represents cylindrical shape.

2. Lithium battery structure

Lithium battery is mainly composed of electrolyte, safety valve, positive pole, negative pole, film and insulating plate.

3. Rechargeable 18650 lithium battery

The single capacity of 18650 lithium batteries is 1800mAh~2600mAh. In order to ensure sufficient capacity, most charging batteries are composed of several 18650 lithium batteries in parallel.

Lithium battery is a commonly used battery. Many portable digital products and rechargeable batteries choose this battery as the power supply. The nominal voltage of the battery is generally 3.7V, and the charging termination voltage is about 4.2V. If there is sand in the 18650 lithium battery, it means that the lithium battery is fake and cannot be used at all.

Why not use an empty shell cell instead of a battery filled with sand?

That's because the weight of the battery with sand is the same as that of the real battery, about 45g, which is not easily perceived by customers. Therefore, if the customer does not disassemble the battery pack, the battery with sand will not be found.

Many years ago, low-end products such as mobile power supplies, rechargeable batteries and electric bicycle batteries were filled with sand.

Such behavior is shameful.

18650 is a very classic lithium battery, setting a precedent for standardized lithium batteries. 18 represents the diameter of 18 mm, 65 is its length of 65 mm, and its shape is round. The nominal voltage of the 18650 battery is 3.7V, and the full charge voltage is 4.2V. The lithium battery shall be made of positive and negative electrode materials, such as lithium nickel, lithium acid, ternary

Lithium ferrous phosphate and lithium manganate are used as cathode materials, and amorphous carbon materials, silicon-based materials, nitrides, graphitized carbon materials and new alloys are used as cathode materials. Electrolyte, diaphragm, CMC, PVDF, lithium cobalt oxide, high-temperature adhesive tape, NMP, graphite anode, oxalic acid, SBR, copper foil, aluminum foil, etc. And sand can never be used to make 18650 lithium batteries.

1. Safety. As we all know, one disadvantage of lithium battery is that it is easy to catch fire in collision, and filling sand can play a good role in flame retardance. In case of fire, the sand in the battery can be poured out quickly to put out the fire. In addition, the sand is composed of silica, which is not conductive. Don't worry about electric shock caused by short circuit.

2. Compared with the complex materials and circuits of foreign brands, the sand materials are easy to obtain and easy to maintain. Users only need to pour out old sand and pour in new sand.

3. For health reasons, sand can isolate electromagnetic radiation and avoid long-term cancer. In addition, the sand is very heavy, so carrying such batteries can play a role in strengthening the body unconsciously. This is the same as the Wulin master carrying sandbags.

4. Environmental protection, battery littering is very harmful to the environment, and there is no such problem with sand filling. And recycling is also very convenient. It is used at every construction site. Don't worry about having no home.

The sandbag charging bag was exposed by many netizens long ago, so the criminals later upgraded the counterfeiting process and poured sand into the 18650 battery case. It is difficult to find it without deep disassembly.

Therefore, if you want to purchase products through formal channels, please have three guarantees, which will be more reliable.

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