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Battery guide: how to get the most out of your batteries

Battery guide

What makes a battery a good battery? It depends on how you use it. How do you get the most out of your batteries? What measures can you take to improve your batteries’ performance? Read on to find out our battery best practices in this battery guide.

Choose the right type for the right situation

Always consider your device type before you purchase batteries. Is it demanding and high-performance, like a digital camera? Or does it need a steady, long energy flow, like a wall clock? Maybe it needs to be able to give short energy bursts like a smoke detector? If you pick the right battery, your device will not only perform better, you’ll also save up some money - money you’d be wasting on the wrong batteries.

Don’t mix and match batteries

To get the most out of your batteries, it’s always best to avoid mixing. Any difference in batteries, no matter how small, may cause an imbalance, limiting the batteries’ optimal performance, and may even lead to leakage.

So, when inserting multiple batteries, always consider the following questions:

  • Are the batteries from the same brand?
  • Are the batteries of the same type (i.e. alkaline, rechargeable, zinc carbon, …)?
  • Do all the batteries have the same energy level?
  • The same goes for battery charging. It’s always best to charge your Panasonic batteries with a Panasonic charger, for example. That way, you’re using a charger that was specifically designed for that type of battery. Battery guide tip: use our battery finder to discover which is the most suitable battery for your appliance.


battery guide

Store batteries well

If you want to use your batteries to their full potential, know what to do when you’re not using them. Batteries won’t leak unless you let them. If you stop using a device for a longer period of time, take out the batteries - even if they aren’t empty. Always store batteries high, dry, and away from conductive materials. Remember to keep your older batteries apart from newer ones! That way, you won’t end up accidentally mixing them up when you put them back into the device. These are the most important measures you should take to improve your batteries’ performance. Check our “Battery usage tips: how to use a battery properly” and our FAQ to find more battery guide tips & tricks and answers to all your battery related questions.

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