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Portable Lithium Battery- The UPS Power Supply.

Portable Lithium Battery- The UPS Power Supply

Portable UPS power supply for lithium-ion battery storage, new products worth knowing

Portable UPS power supplies for lithium-ion battery storage, new products worth knowing. A portable UPS energy storage power supply is lightweight and portable, with a beautiful appearance, like a suitcase that can be moved at any time, bringing safe power to outdoor electrical equipment. Haobo battery portable UPS power supply uses lithium-ion battery energy storage, what are its characteristics? Under what circumstances? We will understand immediately. Read on.

Portable Li-Ion Battery UPS Power Supply:

The portable UPS uses a high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery pack as a storage reserve, which is small in size, light in weight, and equipped with a convenient box to provide a reliable power supply for various emergency scenarios. Utilize the latest lithium power technology to convert electrical energy and lithium-ion batteries into uninterrupted, clean communication power conversion devices, and can also supply stable DC output. It is a safe, portable, efficient, and environmentally friendly small energy storage system.
Outdoor portable UPS power supply has large capacity and high power, unique 48VDC & 220VAC dual voltage output, each voltage is a high current output, so similar products cannot achieve, AC100V~240V output, the maximum output power can reach 6000W.


(1) trolley case design, light belt, convenient transportation, overload/overflow/over-discharge/overcharge maintenance;

(2) Imported high-strength engineering plastics, shockproof, fireproof, and rainproof;

Large capacity lithium-ion battery pack, small size and lightweight;
(4) Super pure sine wave output;

(5) Unique maintenance plan for overvoltage, overload, and short circuit;

6. Unique design of protective wall; AC 220V/110V pure sine wave output;

Safe and environmentally friendly, lithium-ion batteries comply with European RoHS rules and are green batteries;

Support rs232/485, and provide users with multi-variety and multi-level monitoring.

Portable lithium-ion battery UPS power supply application scenarios:

Portable UPS power supplies are particularly suitable for powering and charging mobile operations, communications, and emergency equipment. Its important uses are as follows:

●Outdoor work ●Outdoor shooting ●Outdoor construction ●Backup power supply ●Emergency power supply

●Fire Rescue ●Emergency and Disaster Relief ●Car Start ●Digital Charging ●Power Bank

What is the opening trend of lithium-ion portable UPS?

With the increasing instability of outdoor power consumption, the demand for portable UPS in energy storage, such as solar power plants, wind power generation, electricity, etc., is a large supply category. The editor believes that driven by the huge market demand, in the next few years, my country's data center equipment room energy storage investment will continue to rise rapidly, and the market demand for UPS will continue to rise. Green and energy-saving are the inevitable requirements for the development of the UPS power supply.

The decomposition of battery function is currently the lithium-ion battery pack that can break the structure of the existing power supply system, and has high function and large capacity. With the decline of funds in the future, it is expected to replace the existing lead-acid battery. According to the large-capacity battery energy storage power supply system, various green power sources can be fully utilized, thereby promoting the greening of the data center.

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