The Things You Don't Want To Know About Electronic Cigarette Batteries | IMREN

The Things You Don't Want To Know About Electronic Cigarette Batteries | IMREN

What battery does the electronic cigarette use?

The batteries used in e-cigarets are mostly external lithium batteries, and some e-cigarets have built-in lithium batteries or aircraft model batteries.

There are four types of external lithium batteries: 18650, 18500, 18350 and 26650.

Most electronic cigarette devices use 18650 batteries, so we mainly talk about this today.

18650 battery is the ancestor of lithium-ion battery. It is the standard lithium-ion battery model set by Sony in Japan to save costs.

The number 18 represents the diameter of 18 mm, 65 represents the length of 65 mm, and 0 represents the cylindrical battery. 

There are three types of 18650 batteries in common use: IMR battery, ICR battery with protective circuit and hybrid battery.

High quality IMR battery is the best choice.

IMR battery, also known as lithium manganate (LI MN) battery, is the safest battery for electronic cigarettes. Because of the use of safe chemical materials, the IMR battery does not need to protect the circuit, and the IMR battery can withstand greater pressure and impact.

How to select the battery of electronic cigarette?

1. Do not use non-branded batteries!
I won't talk about that. By the way, do you dare to use non-branded batteries?

2. There are no unprotected ICR batteries!
I won't talk about this. Let me show you a sentence:
When the ICR battery protection circuit breaks down, when the ICR battery leaks, violent chemical reaction will occur, resulting in fire and even explosion.

3. Use proper battery!
To put it simply, if you need to use a atomizer below 1 ohm, you must use a battery with a discharge current greater than 10 amperes.

Discharge capacity and battery capacity are two important parameters to be considered when selecting batteries. What is the relationship between these two parameters? Should you choose the battery according to its life or performance?

4. Use a good charger!
In short, buy the most expensive charger you can afford.
Data shows that most battery accidents occur during charging.

Lithium batteries are not afraid to use, not to charge, but to overcharge and discharge.

Overshoot refers to the overcharged e-cigarette battery model, including the charging current higher than the battery's load range, and the charging time longer than the battery's full time. This is called "overcharging".

And "over-release" refers to over-release. It also includes two aspects: one is that the discharge current exceeds the load carrying range of the battery, that is, the "overload" e-cigarette battery model; the other is that the battery is dead, and the battery continues to discharge, resulting in the battery being scrapped.

Precautions for battery use

For the sake of your life, highlight the following content.

Do not use batteries with obvious damage!

There are four forms of insulation layer damage: no insulation layer, no insulation layer for positive and negative poles, and damage to positive insulation layer.

These batteries cannot be reused, or accidents such as short circuit and explosion will occur.

Do not put the battery with the change or key!

Do not leave the battery in the vehicle near the fire source, sunlight or outdoor high temperature!

Do not let the battery come into contact with water or salt water!

Never leave the rechargeable battery unattended!

The above is the relevant content I share for you, and I hope it can help you.

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