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Charging methods and using skills of lithium battery electric vehicle.

With the progress of lithium technology and the reduction of production costs, lithium electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries as an important power source have also flown into the homes of ordinary people. When the lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles gradually become more and more common in the market, many people do not understand the correct charging method for lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles.
Charging methods and using skills of lithium battery electric vehicle

1. there is no special method to activate the lithium-ion battery electric vehicle. The lithium-ion battery will activate naturally when the electric vehicle is running.

2. charge according to the standard time and procedure, even for the first three times.

3. when the prompt of a low battery is found during the driving process of the electric vehicle, it should be charged as soon as possible. After the lithium-ion battery is discharged, the vulcanization process begins, and obvious vulcanization occurs at the beginning of 12 hours.

4. be sure to charge with an appropriate lithium-ion battery charger. At First insert the charger output plug into the battery charging socket, then insert the charger plug into the mains jack, and observe the indicator light for charging judgment. If the charger is lost or damaged, please contact the corresponding dealer for purchase.

5. the lithium-ion battery pack shall be charged as soon as possible to prevent the battery from being recharged after each Undervoltage, which can greatly improve the battery life and make the battery in a shallow cycle state so that the battery life will be prolonged.

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