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IMREN 25RS and SAMSUNG 25R performance contast

  1. 0.2Cdischarge capacity curve comparison18650-25RS-SAMSUNG-25R

    IMREN 25RS and SAMSUNG 25R, IMREN 25RS capacity was 1030mAh higher than SAMSUNG25R

  2. Discharge comparison of different power ratios.18650-25RS-SAMSUNG-25R-compare

  3. Comparison of large multiplier temperature rise.18650-25RS-SAMSUNG-25R-compare-temperatureThe temperature rise of the two cells is the same under the high rate discharge of 10C, and the temperature rise of imren 25rs is slightly lower under the high rate discharge of 8C°

  4. Comparison of RT25°C cycle performance at room temperature.18650-25RS-SAMSUNG-25R-compare-temperature-1The capacity retention rate of 0.5c° charge 1C° discharge cycle for 300 weeks, the retention rate of imren 25rs 300 weeks is about 88%, and the retention rate of Samsung 25r is about 85%.

  5. Storage performance comparison.18650-25RS-SAMSUNG-25R-compare-temperature-2The storage test of the two batteries can meet the national standard test requirements, and the storage performance of Samsung 25r is slightly better than that of imren 25rs.

  6. Safety performance comparison.18650-25RS-SAMSUNG-25R-compare-temperature-3All OK safety performance.

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