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IMREN 18650 3000mAh Max 40A Rechargeable Battery Introduction

18650 3.7V battery is a high performance lithium ion battery that has been specially developed for electric devices like e-bikes, laptops, flashlights, etc. It is safe, reliable, and long lasting.

But many users are hesitant to buy the IMREN 3000mAh 40A Max or other lithium batteries.

This article has helped you sort out all the parameters for the IMREN 18650 3.7V 3000mAh 40A Max for easy reference.


1. General Physical Parameters




IMREN 18650 3000mAh 40A

Type: Sealed cylindrical, rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Model: 18650-3000-40A

Nominal Voltage: 3.7 Voltage

Weight: 45.33g

Charging Voltage: 4.200±0.049V

Dimensions: 18mm X 65mm

Diameter: 18.0±0.2mm

Height: 65.0±0.5mm

Minimum Capacity: 2990mAh

Maximum Capacity: 3010mAh

Internal Resistance(20℃±5℃, measure after fully charging): 15mΩ

Charging Conditions: 20℃±5℃

Color: Purple Yellow 

(Only the color is different, related parameters and configurations are same.)

Recommended Environmental Conditions

Storage Temperature: 15-35℃

Relative Humidity: 45-75%

Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106kPa

Discharge: 20-60℃

Standard Charging: 0-45℃

Pressure: 86-106kPa

2. Conventional Chemical Performance/Electrical Performance Requirements

(1) Appearance structure:

Visual inspection without rupture, scratch, deformation, stain, electrolyte leakage.

(2) Standard Test:

If there is no special requirements of the test should be in 20±5℃ (temperature), 65±20% (humidity) conditions. The ammeter and voltmeter used in the test shall have an accuracy class of 0.5 or less.

(3) Standard charge:

In the environment of 20±5℃, 65±5%RH, the battery was charged with 0.5ItmA current to 4.2V. Then turn to constant voltage 4.2V charging, until the charging current is less than 20mA, stop charging.

(4) Fast Charging:

In the environment of 20±5℃, 65±5%RH, the battery was charged at a constant current of 1500mA to a single battery voltage of 4.2V. Then turn to constant voltage 4.2V charging, until the charging current is less than 20mA, stop charging.

(5) Rated capacity:

In the environment of 20±5℃ and 65±5%H, the battery was charged with a constant discharge current of 0.5mA to a termination voltage of 2.75V. Standard charge after 15 minutes; Discharge capacity at 0.2ITmA to 2.75V. Discharge capacity: ≥100%C5mAh.

(6) Cycle life:

Discharge the battery according to the requirements of the standard discharge and then set aside for 15 minutes. In the environment of 20±5℃ and 65±5%RH, charge the battery for 15 minutes according to the requirements of fast charging, discharge the battery with 1500mA current until the terminal voltage of the battery reaches the termination voltage of 2.75V. Cycle charge and discharge, when the discharge capacity of any cycle is less than 80%CsmAh, the life is terminated. The number of cycles must be greater than or equal to 400.

(7) -20℃ discharge performance:

The battery should be charged according to the standard charging method, and then stored in the ambient temperature of -20 ° C ±2 ° C for 16h~24h.

At -20°C±2°C ambient temperature, the battery is removed with 0.2ima constant current to the termination voltage of 2.75V; Discharge capacity ≥60%C5mAh


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These are the parameters of IMREN 18650 3000mAh Max40A.

The relevant performance will change according to the different use environment.

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