IMREN 18650 3000mAh 40A Rechargeable Lithium Battery (2PCS/Pack)

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IMREN 3.7V 3000mAh 40A Li-ion Rechargeable 18650 Battery Yellow/Gold

IMREN 18650 rechargeable 3.7V 3000mAh Max 40A Yellow battery is a standard size 18650 battery. It has a 3.7V constant voltage and 40A powerful instantaneous current. The battery life can be over more than 600 cycles. It's a good power supply for most devices like laptop batteries, power tools, e-bikes, etc.


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The battery is rated by IMREN Lab at 3011mAh, with a pulse and burst rate of 40.3A. Built specifically for electronic devices. The general performance of the battery and safety were the most concerning when we designed it.

1. General

This document has been prepared to describe the appropriate cautions and prohibitions, that the customer should take or employ when the customer uses and handles the lithium-ion cell to be manufactured.

2. Charging

2.1 Charging Current

The charging current should be less than the maximum charge current specified in the product specification. 

2.2 Charging Voltage

The Charging should be done by voltage less than that specified in the product specification.

2.3 Charging Time

Continuous charging under appropriate voltage does not cause any loss of characteristics. However, the charge timer is recommended to be installed for safety considerations, which shuts off further charging at the time specified in the product specification.

2.4 Charging Temperature

The cell should be charged within a range of specified temperatures in the product specification.

2.5 Reverse Charging

The cell should be connected, confirming that its poles are correctly aligned. Inverse charging should be strictly prohibited. If the cell is connected improperly, it may be damaged.

3. Discharging

3.1 Discharging

The cell should be discharged at less than the maximum discharge current specified in the product specification.

3.2 Discharging Temperature

3.2.1 The cell should be discharged within a range of temperatures specified in the product specification.

3.2.2 Otherwise, it may cause a loss of characteristics.

3.3 Over-discharging

3.3.1 The system should equip with a device to prevent further discharging from exceeding discharging cut-off voltage specified in the product specification (Over-discharging).

3.3.2 Over-discharging may cause loss of performance, characteristics, of battery function.

3.3.3 Over-charging may occur by self0discharge if the battery is left for a very long time without any use.

3.3.4 The charger should equip with a device to detect cell voltage and to determine recharging procedures.

4. Storage

4.1 Storage Conditions

4.1.1 The cell should be stored within a range of temperatures specified in the product specification.

4.1.2 Otherwise, it may cause loss of characteristics, leakage, and/or rust.

4.2 Long-term Storage

The cell should be used within a short period after charging because long-term storage may cause a loss of capacity by self-discharging.

4.2.2. If long-term storage is necessary, the cell should be stored at a lower voltage within a range specified in the product specification, because storage at a higher voltage may cause a loss of characteristics.

5. Cycle Life

5.1 Cycle Life Performance

5.1.1 The cell can be charged/discharged repeatedly up to times specified in the product specification with a certain level of capacity also specified in the product specification.

5.1.2 Cycle life may be determined by conditions of charging, discharging, operating temperature, and/or storage.

6. Design of System

6.1 Connection Between the Cell and the Battery

6.1.1 The cell should not be soldered directly with leads. Namely, the cell should be welded with leads on its terminal and then be soldered with wire or leads to soldered lead.

6.1.2 Otherwise, it may cause damage to components, such as the separator and insulator, by heat generation.

6.2 Positioning the battery in the System

The battery should be positioned as possible as far from heat sources and high-temperature components. 6.2.2 Otherwise, it may cause a loss of characteristics.

6.3 Mechanical shock protection of the battery

The battery should equip with appropriate shock absorbers in order to minimize shock. 6.3.2 Otherwise, it may cause shape distortion, leakage, heat generation, and/or rupture.

6.4 Short-circuit protection of the cell

6.4.1 The cell equips with an insulating sleeve to protect short circuits which may occur during transportation, battery assembly, and /or system operation.

6.4.2 If the cell sleeve is damaged by some cause such as outside impact, it may cause short-circuit with some wiring inside the battery.

6.5 Connection between the battery and charger/system

6.5.1 The battery should be designed to be connected only to the specified charger and system.

6.5.2 A reverse connection of the battery, even in the specified system, should be avoided by employing a special battery design such as special terminals.

7. Battery Pack Assembly

7.1 Prohibition of usage of damaged cell

7.1.1 The cell should be inspected visually before battery assembly.

7.1.2 The cell should not be used if sleeve damage, can-distortion, and/or electrolyte smell are detected.

7.2 Terminals handling

Excessive force on the negative terminal should be avoided when the external lead is welled.

7.3 Transportation

If the cell is necessary to transport to the order place, such as the battery manufacturer, careful precautions should be taken to avoid damage to the cell.

8. Others

8.1 Disassembly

8.1.1 The cell should not be dismantled from the battery pack.

8.1.2 Internal short-circuit caused by disassembly may lead to heat generation and/or venting. 8.1.3 When the electrolyte is coming in contact with the skin or eyes, flush immediately with fresh water and seek medical advice.

8.2 Short-circuiting

8.2.1 Short-circuit results in a very high current which leads to heat generation.

8.2.2 An appropriate circuitry should be employed to protect against accidental short-circuiting.

8.3 Incineration

Incinerating and disposing of the cell in the fire are strictly prohibited, because they may cause rupture.

8.4 Immersion

Soaking the cell in water is strictly prohibited, because it may cause melt of components to damage functions.

8.5 Mixing use

Different types of cells, or the same types but different manufacturer's cells may lead to cell rupture or damage to the system due to the different characteristics of the cell.

8.6 Battery exchange

8.6.1 Although the cell contains no environmentally hazardous components, such as lead or cadmium. the battery should be disposed of according to the local regulations when it is disposed of.

8.6.2 The cell should be disposed of in a discharged state to avoid heat generation by an inadvertent short-circuit. 8.7 Caution - The Battery used in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if mistreated. Do not disassemble, heat above 100℃, or incinerate. The use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion. Dispose of the used battery promptly. Keep away from children. Do not disassemble it and do not dispose of it in the fire.

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